Hops in Humboldt

Hops Awards

Another year of HOPS and another chance for the breweries to show their stuff and battle to see who can take home some awards. We have a number of different awards and each is awarded by a different judge or set of judges. Some by the staff, one my the mayor of Fortuna, some by our sponsors, and some by you the people. We’re excited to see which breweries will take home awards at the annual Hops in Humboldt.

Custom awards made by Radical Woodworks

Tasters Choice

This award is chosen by the people! As you enter HOPS you will receive a token, with that token you will select the brew that you feel should take this award. This doesn’t have to be a commercial brew pub either. You can choose a homebrewer if you feel they have brought the best!  All votes must be in by 3:30pm. The Hops Awards will be announced on stage at 4:00pm.
2017 Winners - Knee Deep Brewing Co.

Best of Hops

The Best of Hops is judged annually by our crack team of beer geeks.
2017 Winners - Knee Deep Brewing Co.

Sponsors Choice

The Sponsor’s Choice award is judged by a team of beer lovers from each of our event sponsors.
2017 Winner - Six Rivers Brewery

The Mayors Choice

The Mayor of Fortuna, Sue Long will choose the winner of this award.
2017 Winners - Deschutes Brewery

Best of Humboldt

Our local Humboldt County breweries battle it out to see who will take home the honors.
2018 Winners - Gyppo Ale Mill


The Best Non-Beer award is judged by a team of non-beer lovers randomly chosen within our community.
Non-Beer examples are ciders, root beer, even water!
2017 Winners - Humboldt Cider Company

Past Winners


2018 Winners

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